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Convergence. Consolidation. Globalization. Financial services companies face continual and dramatic industry shifts prompted by increased regulation, the critical importance of transparency, rapid advances in technology, and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions. In this fluid and fast-paced environment, organizations must be prepared to go to battle for top talent. Identification, assessment, development, and retention are critical. And agile, strategic leaders who can excel through change are essential.


There are historic challenges confronting today’s healthcare industry. An unprecedented shift from payment models based on volume to those centered on outcomes has deeply affected every sector of the healthcare industry across every region of the world. The impact of this transformation – combined with aging populations, soaring costs, stunning advancements in data, analytic, and medical technology, growing consolidation among payers and providers, increasing coordination of care, deepening public-private partnerships, and global healthcare reform efforts – is fracturing foundational assumptions, mindsets, and strategies throughout the industry.


Shifting labor trends, sourcing manufacturing locations, fluctuating costs, intellectual property concerns, and the impact of government regulations are all prime considerations when looking for comprehensive organizational solutions built to drive growth in a slow-growth industrial world. Skill sets that worked five to ten years ago are not the same ones needed today – or five to ten years from now. Smart, forward-thinking leaders who understand market dynamics and can think strategically and act decisively are difficult to find and develop, and critical to attract and retain.


Life sciences companies face continual transformation, spurred by complex and wide-ranging issues such as industry consolidation, cybersecurity, compliance, emerging markets, and economic uncertainty. It’s not just your products that will help you stay ahead of the competition – you need to invest in your people. Talent strategy must be inextricably aligned with business strategy, with the right people in the right places doing the right things – at the right value.


In the high-stakes world of private markets, it is critical that organizations have smart, dynamic leaders who can act swiftly, think differently, and build successful team frameworks. We offer a full range of solutions – spanning organizational strategy, leadership development, talent acquisition, assessment and succession, and rewards and benefits – to ensure PM firms and their portfolio companies have the leadership capabilities necessary to manage major transitions, transformations, and risks.


As many public sector organizations harness technology and big data analytics to drive productivity and create actionable insights, they are looking in some ways more like private enterprises. However, public service organizations have the added obligation of honoring the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, and they must do this while navigating red tape, legislation, and the court of public opinion. Strong public service leaders must possess business savvy, political skill, financial acumen, stellar communication skills, and the ability to inspire and develop others.


The global technology market is growing at lightning speed, replacing industrialization as the world’s driving force of productivity and change. Groundbreaking advances in digital are impacting all types of commerce and customer/supplier engagement. Data is becoming a competitive weapon for the enterprise. Companies are just beginning to harness the power of analytics and machine learning. These fundamental shifts are putting technology companies and companies steeped in technology squarely at the forefront of the new economy. In order to compete and thrive, the expertise and efficiency of an organization must advance ahead of the rate of change that the organization desires. Talent will be the differentiator.

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