BOARD & CEO SERVICES There is no more powerful combination — or one more fundamental to the success of any enterprise — than the successful partnership between a CEO and a strong, independent board that can provide oversight and serve as both advisor and strategic arsenal. CORPORATE AFFAIRS In today’s digitally empowered world, reputation can change in an instant. Dissenters and adversaries are smart and well organized, regulators are more


Boston International Group sits at the intersection of talent and strategy, empowering your organization to exceed its potential. FINANCIAL Convergence. Consolidation. Globalization. Financial services companies face continual and dramatic industry shifts prompted by increased regulation, the critical importance of transparency, rapid advances in technology, and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions. In this fluid and fast-paced environment, organizations must be prepared to go to battle for top talent. Identification, assessment, development,

Your Challenges

For even the most significant business challenges, people are the solution. If you have the right people in the right places and synchronized to your strategy, you will always compete. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Across every geography and sector, we see organizations facing a similar challenge when it comes to digital transformation. Companies are making meaningful investments and commitments to “going digital”, but they still feel like they’re struggling. Despite the fact


Our solutions help businesses and organizations reach and realize the full potential of their talent. ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS FOR DYNAMIC GROWTH Technology. Customers. Markets. They are all changing faster than ever. And businesses are transforming to keep up, or keep ahead. Auto brands are selling services, not just cars. Manufacturers are selling data, not just products. Some businesses are pushing into new territories, others are merging. No sector is


No one knows more about aligning talent and organizational strategies than Boston International Group. With our unique expertise, we can help you release the power of your collective genius and drive superior performance. ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY By aligning your people and structure, we give you more. ASSESSMENT & SUCCESSION By closing the gap between the talent you have and the talent you need, we give you more. TALENT ACQUISITION By finding